Yes, Online Dating Can Work!

Yes, Online Dating Can Work!

Online Dating Success & Adventures

Let me start by saying if it wasn’t for online dating, I wouldn’t be getting married in six months. So yes, it does work…I can say that from first hand experience.

A few years ago (10+ years ago), online dating was given a bad rep. Everyone made excuses on how they met the girl/guy they were talking to – because online dating had a stigma of being desperate. When that definitely isn’t always the case.

Is online dating 100% successful? No, of course not…but neither is regular dating…

This planet is home to billions of people. What are the odds that you will meet your special someone randomly at a bar, party, church, picnic, or grocery store? Slim. Very slim. Who even knows if your special someone is even in a close radius so that could even happen?

Now yes, before you get upset that I am saying your chances of meeting someone that you are going to spend your life with randomly at the Walmart down the street are low…let me say this:

Yes, it can happen. People do meet other people without going online, it does happen…and it does happen quite a bit.

My point is, meeting someone who could be your spouse one day is very difficult. Online or offline, doesn’t matter…it is hard. That isn’t even the “dating” part of it, just “meeting”. So I think you get where I am coming from.

Which brings me back to online dating and why it can work for you. But before I get to that, let me tell you my story.

Online dating

Hey, What’s Up?

I actually have this story on my wedding website and it has now become legend

Just kidding.


We met on a simple online dating site, Kelsey loves to tell this story and how unlikely it seemed at first.  We both were looking for the same thing, a good solid relationship that could lead to more.  Kelsey had already been on the site for a few months, without much success (obviously, since she hadn’t met me yet…).  I was on the site for a few days, enough time to simply update my profile and add a few pictures…which Kelsey enjoys teasing me about. 

The reason for that is because I (at that time) didn’t have many pictures of myself except for a self portrait of myself trying on some new clothes in a Kohl’s changing room.  So, I had one picture that was zoomed out and one that was zoomed in…so two of the same picture essentially.  

One day, I was browsing through profiles and one caught my eye.  I decided, what the heck and I sent her a deep, well thought out message: 

“Hey, what’s up?” 

Kelsey, due to her experience with online dating so far, had a few rules. 

  1. Don’t consider guys with profiles with just a single picture or two. 
  2. Don’t consider or respond to guys who don’y say much in their opening message.

Already, I had broken both of those rules…yet for some reason unknown, she decided to respond. 

We messaged and texted for a few weeks until the big day came.  Kelsey was planning on going to an arboretum Christmas light show on December 7th, 2016.  Her friend bailed on her so she asked me if I would like to join her. 

I, who at the time was very shy and introverted, nervously said yes.  

Kelsey was hoping for a good date and was excitedly looking forward to meeting me (according to her).  I tried to relax my nerves by jamming out to Shinedown (thank you “How Did You Love” and “Through the Ghost”) all the way to the Arboretum. 

She arrived and was waiting for me near the entrance of the arboretum, underneath some beautiful tree lights.  But because I was so nervous, I walked past Kelsey and didn’t recognize her at first – she was wearing a hood and turned away from me. 

But she called out, “Jeff!” and I turned around and my heart started thumping uncontrollably in my chest… 

So yeah, that’s my story…or I should say, OUR story.

How You Can Be Successful Dating Online

What makes you successful in online dating? Is it your pictures? Your profile? Your experience? Your ability to communicate? Luck? Probably a combination of those.

I don’t have a ton of experience in online dating, since thankfully, I had the perfect pick early on. However, I do know someone who can help you if you are struggling in the online dating world:

My friend, Chloe Miller runs a dating profile and dating consultant company called AND, SWIPE RIGHT (

Here is a blurb from the AND, SWIPE RIGHT website:

We empower men and women to succeed in dating. Through personal styling, private coaching, and dating profile production services AND, SWIPE RIGHT is a dating consultancy setting the standard in online dating.

Chloe Miller from AND, SWIPE RIGHT

She can help you design your dating profile so you can meet the right people. Then after you met the right person, she provides date prep coaching so you are ready for your big day and date outfit styling so you dress to impress.

I know how hard it is. I have several friends who have been dating online for a while without a lot of good success. So I really do think Chloe and AND, SWIPE RIGHT can help anyone who is struggling or just wants an extra boost.

To be successful, you need to have confidence in yourself…as I have stated many times. I understand that it is way easier said than done. But even when you have faced some rejection or haven’t met people who were right for you, doesn’t mean you should give up.

What Else Can You Do?

Like I said, dating is hard – online and offline. Whether you go out in the dating world by yourself, with a wingman, or with coaching help…you still have to work hard at it.

We are all scared of putting ourselves out there, meeting new people, starting a relationship. But if you want a relationship, if you want a girl/guy to be with…you have to make that a priority and constantly work hard at it.

Honestly, even after you have been in a relationship for several years…it still requires hard work to maintain and grow that relationship.

But it is worth it, once you find that person. All your struggles and difficulties with dating (online and not) will feel like they never existed. So don’t give up because of a few knock-downs and setbacks! All your hard work and suffering will be worth it once you find your person.

Why Does This Matter?

Because there are millions of people who are single and don’t want to be. Some people are scared of dating in general (it is scary). Some just don’t want to reveal too much of themselves online (understandable so).

This particular post isn’t a guide to help you navigate the seas of online dating – that may come in the future though. This is just me trying to convince you not to give up, that there is a guy/girl out there for you if you are willing to put forth the effort and look.

That effort can be your own motivation, or it can come from someone who has “been there, done that”, or a coaching service like Chloe’s AND, SWIPE RIGHT.

It all depends on what YOU want and how bad you WANT it.

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