Review: Blue Yeti Microphone

Review: Blue Yeti Microphone
Review: Blue Yeti Mic

Since my goal is to help you live your lives better by making you more productive and efficient. I figured I should start reviewing products, services, and apps that I like that have helped ME become more productive and efficient.

As a note, all my reviews are based on things that I support and use and would honestly fully recommend to you to use.

Now to the review…

black Blue Yeti Mic - Review Blue Yeti Mic

My Story and Review With the Blue Yeti Mic

The first thing I thought of when I saw the name of this mic was, “wow, what a strange name for a mic.” But then I didn’t care, because it is a really good mic.

I originally bought it a few years ago to use with my “budding” YouTube career. Which didn’t work out…clearly…but I still used it for gaming and what not and it worked great. But then I stopped using it as I didn’t game as much and it just sat on my desk gathering dust. For years…literally.

But then, I began working my current job. Since my team and I are in Field Services, we get stuck setting up and monitoring Skype broadcasts. One of the pieces of equipment we used was a silver Blue Yeti mic! I was shocked for a second, because I recognized it as the same mic I had! Why did was I shocked you may ask? Because that mic had been sitting on my desk for so long it blended in and I forgot I had it…

Anyways, I began using it with those broadcasts and realized I had forgotten what a great mic that was. At the same time as I started using those, I was about two to three weeks into working on Palm to Face. I was also thinking about creating a podcast and was wondering about a mic…not remembering I had a really nice one sitting on my desk

Long story short (not really that long) – I created my podcast using that mic and here we are!

What Can It Do? (besides record…)

The mic is pretty cool.

Oh, you want more than that? Okay, sure.

The mic is cool though. It is a USB mic that plugs directly into your PC. It also has features to change the recording pattern to cardioid, bidirectional, omnidirectional, and stereo. Which is especially useful when recording podcasts. The mic also has the option to increase/decrease the gain to make it more/less sensitive. The front of the mic has a mute button…for muting…

If you listen to my recent podcasts, you can hear how clear my voice sounds. In my older episodes, I had the mic facing the wrong way (sigh). Which caused me to sound like I was in a tunnel.

It also has a headphone output (3.5mm) so you can use it for monitoring without having to use software or use the monitoring from software like Audacity.

It also is fairly hefty and has a solid base. So it doesn’t move if you accidentally bump your desk. I also have a pop filter with it to help control my “p” sounds.

Should You Get It?

So it is more expensive than some other options. It is currently $108.91 on Amazon. (as of 12/28/2019)

But yes, I would recommend it. I have had no problems with it. And once I figured out the correct way to talk into it (you wouldn’t think that it would be that difficult…), it sounds quite good!

Again, I want to note – that I am recommending this product based on my actual usage of it. And again, my goal is to make your life easier, by recommending good products.

Please let me know if this review is useful to you. I plan on writing more of these based on products/services/apps I use and would recommend.

You can buy the Blue Yeti Microphone on Amazon

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