6 Tips To Help When You Hate Wrapping Gifts

6 Tips To Help When You Hate Wrapping Gifts

Ask Kelsey…ask anyone who knows me well. I hate wrapping gifts. I suck at it and it takes forever. So I end up putting it off until the last minute…like this year.

Thankfully, I have discovered some “easy” ways to wrap…or to avoid wrapping…

Here are 6 tips to help when you hate wrapping gifts!

1. Buy Gift Cards

Gift cards - an alternative to wrapping gifts.  6 tips to help when you hate wrapping gifts.
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Yes, gift cards are always known as the easy way out when shopping. But that’s not the only reason why I buy gift cards…

I buy them because you have the option to wrap them or not to. Usually, (in the case of Amazon) they come in small holiday-themed packaging that you can use. Or, they at least come in decorative envelopes or those mini gift bags.

Plus, honestly, most people do like gift cards…easy or not.

2. Just Put a Bow on It!

Yes, this is an actual real-life photo of a present I “wrapped” this year for Kelsey…using just a bow 🙂

Hey, it works. This is a favorite of mine especially when you have a big box…just slap a bow on it. Maybe even tie a red ribbon around it for that extra pop of color.

This looks particularly fetching on brown cardboard boxes. Especially when you use a black marker to write the “To” and “From”.

3. Use Gift Bags

If I have to wrap…this is my favorite way. Simple place your gift into the gift bag, then stuff some tissue paper around it. Ta da!

Gift bags are usually easy to find – and you can get them from the dollar store…so cheap too.

Also, you can get all sorts of different sizes and colors. Want to pack a table lamp? There’s a bag for that. Want to wrap a small ladder, chainsaw, and a model of the Statue of Liberty? There’s a bag for that too!

4. Use Lots of Wrapping Paper / Tissue Paper

If worst comes to worst and there is no avoiding wrapping a present, use lots of wrapping paper. I know that is a waste of money, waste of paper, etc. – but you only wrap once a year (this much) and the paper can be recycled. Or, if you have a fireplace, the extra paper is good for kindling.

But it is so easy, grab your gift and just wrap the paper around it until all the sides are covered. Then use a generous amount of tape to make sure it all stays together.

5. Gift Wrapping Hacks

There are also some “gift wrapping hacks” you can try to make your wrapping experience better.

I found several on YouTube that I have tried…but it never is as easy as they show nor does it look as good. My favorite was one that showed you how to wrap a present in 15 seconds. It was a shoebox size present (probably an average size for most gifts) and they time it and it was 15 seconds.

I tried it and it took me 15 minutes before I actually got it completely wrapped without cardboard showing…

I also didn’t know speed-wrapping was a thing…

6. Hire Someone to Wrap Your Gifts

This is an option, especially now in today’s gig economy. Services like Taskrabbit and a few others will allow you to hire people for the specific purpose of wrapping your gifts.

This is the most expensive way to wrap, but also the easiest. Plus, when your family member or friend sees it, they will be impressed with the wrapping quality.

That’s a Wrap…(heh)

There they are! I hope you found some use out of my 6 tips. I honestly can say I have not (yet) hired someone to wrap my presents…but it has been a thought.

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